Niacin Max – An Effective Vitamin B3 Boosting Supplement


The markets are full of supplements claiming to enhance your health and vitality. These supplements are essential especially for those who have reached their mid-age and are finding it difficult to recover from injuries and illnesses as quickly as they did when they were young. However, from the plethora of products available, it is difficult to choose one that is best adaptable to your body needs.

The Niacin Max is one such product that caters to every need of its users. The Niacin Max is a powerful supplement that provides the body with the essential nutrients that it requires to stay active all day long. Furthermore, it increases the red blood cells in the body and improves oxygen circulation within your system.

According to the reviews of Niacin Max, it can improve the levels of oxygen in the blood by 50%. Read the review below to find out more about the benefits of the Vitamin Niacin and how the supplement can help you overcome the deficiency.

What is Vitamin B3 or Niacin?

niacin vitamin b3

Niacin is a form of Vitamin B3 which is found in many foods including yeast, fish, milk, eggs, green vegetables, cereals, bean, and meat. The Vitamin B3 works with other vitamins from the same group to increase energy, maintain proper digestion, increase hormonal production, detoxification, and to maintain healthy skin cells.

Having sufficient amounts of Vitamin B3 or Niacin in the body is useful for:

  • Increasing and improving the proper circulation of blood
  • Increasing the production of red blood cells
  • Improving cholesterol levels
  • Lowering the risk of heart diseases
  • Treating the symptoms of diabetes
  • Supporting proper brain function
  • Treating arthritis and other joint diseases
  • Improving skin tone and hair condition

Vitamin B3 can usually be obtained through eating a healthy diet. However, individuals who are unable to meet the dietary recommendations are often prescribed supplements to increase their Niacin levels. The Niacin Max supplements are highly effective in this regard and can help overcome the deficiency of VitaminB3 along with its many benefits.

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How does Niacin Max work?

The Niacin Max isn’t available in traditional capsule form. The makers have designed the product similar to a film which melts in just a couple of seconds when kept in mouth. This particular type of delivery method ensures that the effective dosage of Vitamin B3 reaches the blood stream instantly giving you a dose of energy right away. It is also proclaimed as 45 times stronger than any other Niacin supplement available in the market.

Furthermore, it gives you almost all the expected health benefits of Niacin which are mentioned above making it must try product for the body.

What makes Niacin Max different from other Vitamin B3 supplements?

Niacin Max is unlike any other supplement available in the market. The conventional supplements like pills, powders, and liquids have poor bioavailability which means that they lose its efficiency or the proportion of nutrients by the time they enter your bloodstream and the cells.

According to research, more than 90% of the ordinary supplements never reach your bloodstream because the acid present in your digestive system destroy most of it before it reaches making it impossible for you to benefit from it.

The Niacin Max uses a targeted delivery system by avoiding your digestive system completely. The thin film instantly dissolves under the tongue delivering up to 90% pure Niacin in your bloodstream. Capsiplex Sport

Niacin Max supplements are:

  • Free from side effects
  • Convenient and can be taken anywhere without liquid
  • Fast acting and works within minutes to provide the users with benefits
  • Pleasant tasting and comes with a citrus flavor
  • Flush free

How to consume Niacin Max?

Niacin Max

The Niacin Max as mentioned above is available in form of film strips. Each film strip contains 80 mg of Niacin. One strip should be kept under the tongue at least 10 minutes before breakfast every day. You can also take an additional dose of the Niacin strip 3 -4 hours before going to bed.

Will I experience flush with the use of Niacin Max?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “Niacin Flush”, it is a sensation that occurs after 5 – 7 minutes of taking Niacin supplements. The skin becomes slightly reddened and you feel it getting warm similar to a mild sun burn.

Luckily, Niacin Max is a safe product and is usually free from flush or any other side effects. If however, the flush occurs, it is usually mild and nothing to worry about.

Experts also believe that a moderate flush is a sign that the supplement is functioning properly and occurs when the blood circulates through the capillary vessels triggering the brief reddening.

Where to buy the Niacin Max supplement?

The Niacin Max supplement is exclusively available on the company’s website. Presently, the makers are offering a box of 30 strips for only $39.99. Further discounts are available when orders are placed in bulk quantities.

All orders of Niacin Max are backed with a 69 day money back guarantee so the users can give it a try risk free to ensure its effectiveness. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the outcome of the product, you can receive 100% refund from the makers.


If you are suffering from Niacin deficiency and wish to enhance your energy, then you must give Niacin Max a shot. The film strip is highly effective and uses a guaranteed method of increasing Niacin levels without harming the user’s health.

Click here and start receiving the true benefits of Vitamin B3. You can always receive a refund if you are not satisfied.

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